Day 5 : Most Wanted Item

I think that these Topshop shoes have to come top of my list of most wanted things. Well either them in this colour or them in black, I’m not too sure. Black would probably go with more but I think the burgundy colour is nicer. At the moment I’m leaning towards the burgundy. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of these for a while now and I think that come payday next week I think I’ll be investing in a pair.





Day 2 : You Have The Most….

Rings. For the last couple of years its been rings. I could even pinpoint the day a few years back when my love of them started. I was down in London with my family and we had a couple of hours until the Lion King started and they decided to take us to Convent Garden. The exact ring that started my love affair with rings is at this very moment sitting on the middle finger of my left hand, looking something like this…

It cost me something like £8 and it was one of the best £8’s that I can remember spendingIt did originally have a metal swirly thing that came out of it with a little butterfly on the end, but I finally managed to break it while I was out having dinner with my family. I can remember at the time being absolutely gutted, but now its so much easier to wear, I’m not constantly worrying about catching it like I always used to be.

Since that day I have brought a ridiculous number of rings. I love each and every one of them, but, I do have my favourites.

I think that these are my favourite out of the ones that I have left. The ones in the top picture are both Topshop, they came in a set of four and they’re just so cute. I love the way that the tail on the cat and the legs on the frog move.

The bottom two both came from my last trip to Primark, which must have been about four or five months ago when my friend dragged me in there. When I brought it, I honestly thought that I would hate the two finger ring. I loved it but I thought that it would be ridiculously uncomfortable to wear. But its not, well most of the time anyways, I think the only time that I have to really take it off is when I type. The bottom ring I think is just adorable, it’s like the owl is hugging my finger – so adorable.



I Took My Feet To Oxford Street…

Only unlike Coldplay, I wasn’t trying to right my wrongs. Instead it was only a stop on the way to the University of Westminster’s open day. A stop that did mean I could take a quick trip into Topshop, (well by quick I mean forty minutes, but who’s counting). I honestly intended to just have a look and come out empty handed, but realistically the chances of that actually happening were pretty slim. But guess what I got my hands on.

I’ll give you a clue, think back a couple of months to when Topshop did a series of tee shirts done by different designers to mark ten years of sponsoring NEWGEN.

It’s only Christopher Kane’s and Holly Fulton’s tee shirts. Which were two of my favorites when they first came out and to top it all off they were on sale. I intended to get them originally but then other things came up that I needed to spent my money on and I then couldn’t afford one.

I’d been regretting not getting one of them for weeks now, and I’d honestly thought that I’d missed out and that I would never own one. And now I own two and they were half price so it was like getting two for the price of one. Bargain. In some ways I do like sales and how you can pick up things you thought you missed out on, but at the same time there’s something about them that I don’t like and I’m not sure I know what it is. When I do shop the sales though, I work on the rule that if it wasn’t something that caught my eye the first time round then I don’t get it this time, but if it was something that I did see and like then it becomes a must have.

Anyone else managed to pick something up in the sales that they’d let slip by earlier?



Best of the High Street – 09/06-2012

I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while really and I don’t really know why. They provide the perfect excuse for spending hours on the internet window shopping, when my Mum asks why I’ve spent hours doing ‘nothing’, I can reply ‘I’m researching’. I don’t think she really believes me though.

TOPSHOP 09/06/12
River Island 09/06/12
I wish I could afford all of this, but unfortunately like normal I’m your everyday broke student. I think if I could buy just one thing, I’d pick the Topshop shoes. Already owning a pair of their wedges and knowing just how comfy they are, I would happily kill for them.

April Showers – The Essentials

April Showers 2
April Showers 1

April Showers

What I’m wearing…

I have two things to apologise for. The first being that I haven’t posted in ages, I promise that I wasn’t deserting you, I’ve just been hideously busy with trying to meet my coursework deadlines. I’m talking starting at seven and not finishing till ten or eleven each day. The second is that today and tomorrow I’m staying in a kinda hotel thing until Monday so I’m posting on my phone, which I’ve never tried before. This means that the photos aren’t going to be amazing and that sometimes the auto correct on my phone will do funny things.

But here goes anyways.


Today I’m wearing my Topshop jeans, jumper and necklace with my Asda jeans, Primark ring and what’s left of last nights curly hair.

The shoes are definatly coming off later for the Easter egg hunt I’ve been told that I’m participating in later. I get the impression that it’ll be outside.



Best of the High Street 23/03/12

Topshop 21/03/12

Knitted Fluro Mesh Sweat, $80

Topshop, $50

River Island 21/03/12

Miss Selfridge