Etsy Finds

Once again I’ve spent the time that I really should have spent catching up on my exam coursework on Etsy. Here’s some of my favourites.

distressed vintage studded levis cut offs

Even though I already have a ridiculous amount of denim shorts, I can’t quite bring myself to just ignore these. As a student the price of these is slightly scary but when I think about the fact that most of my denim shorts are from Topshop, at about £45 (it’s too early to do maths), there not really all that much more.

80's tribal necklace, statement necklace, black pendant, geometric

I love this necklace and the way that it’s not quite a black. It’s quite a big statement.

Vintage Mint Green SILK Blouse One Size Fits Most

I love this shirt so much, the way it looks so soft and slightly shiny is amazing.

Sailor's Knot Bracelet - Navy and cobalt-colored suede and raw gold chain

Not really my usual cup of tea, but I love the combination of suede and metal. I could quite easily be talked in to buying one.

Fringe and Chain Necklace - White, Grape, Cinnamon

Another statement necklace, they seem to be one of my favourite things at the moment. On this one I love the three coloured fringe and I think it’s perfect to liven up an outfit. It comes in lots of different colours too.


If I fail my exams I think I’ll know what to blame.