September Wish List

It feels like forever since I’ve done one of these posts – actually when I think about it probably is. It’s also quite late on in the month to do one as well.

bunting A5 stitched notebook

One of the big things that I want this month is one of the stitched note books from Paperchase. Unlike most of the things that I put on my wish lists,  I do actually need one these for the fortnightly lectures that start in a few weeks time. I can’t decide what one I want though there’s so many of them and they’re all so cute and adorable. I think I might have to go into my local store sometime over the next couple of days and have a look at them in person.

This one I’ve accepted that I’m not going to be able to afford, it’s either this or the deposit for my art trip to New York. And I’ve gone for New York, it’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go. The Cambridge Satchel Company do make some amazing bags and it’s one of those things that I think will have to go on my list for the future and it is one of those things that I will get, I don’t think that the classic satchel will be a big no no any time soon.

Instant Nail Effects Magnetic - Violet

Instant Nail Effects Magnetic - Blue

This one I’m thinking could be a good use for all the Boots points that I’ve clocked up over the summer. I’ve been looking into getting a nail varnish like one of these for a while now, I was a little dubious about how well they would work until I saw someone at work wearing some that looked really good. So I think it’s time to invest in one. I love the colours of the Barry M ones too. I’m thinking of trying either the purple or the blue one, not sure which one to go for. I think I’ll eventually end up getting both, I just can’t quite afford to get them both on my points yet, so the second will have to wait for me to have a few more meal deals.

I’m loving cable knit jumpers at the moment and this would go perfectly with the burgundy pair of jeans that I brought that I have had a nightmare finding something that doesn’t look hideous to go with them. I brought them thinking that they would go with pretty much everything that I owned, turns out they were just slightly the wrong shade for what I had planned, but the colour was too amazing for me to take them back.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

I think that the closest that I’m ever going to get to owning this ring is my Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume. As a student anything Marc by Marc Jacobs is totally beyond my price range. If I dove into my savings from the summer I could afford it, but again it’s back to the this or New York thing I had earlier. It’s an amazing ring, enough of a statement that it looks good, but at the same time it doesn’t look as if the front of it’s annoyingly heavy. I want it so badly it’s ridiculous.

Is there anything that you’re particularly lusting after this month.




I’m Still Standing

It feels like an achievement that I’ve survived my first week at college. For those if you that don’t know, I’m currently studying the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course at my local college.

This past week has possibly been one of the most challenging but fun weeks that I can remember in a long time. It’s weird going in and having no idea what they’re going to throw at you, it could be anything. Mostly things that I not overly sure constitute art especially at post a level, but they are the teachers and you kind of just have to go with it, in the process creating some absolute rubbish but at the same time some real gems.

One of the more fun things that I have had to do involve still lifes and a corn on the cob that I named ‘Larry’, because that’s what every good piece of corn on the cob should be called. Sticky plastic vinal may have also been involved. I know how mentally scaring this might be sounding, (and we made it sound), but I promise that this isn’t going anywhere like that. So how did Larry go from a nice regular corn on the cob to this …


Before you ask, yes that is art. There’s a still life you can see going round it. This session was all about colour and us not being afraid to use it. As well as using unconventional materials to produce it.


The day then ended with some good old photos. The first one being that we had to wear our decorated piece of fruit or vegetable with a straight face. Easier said than done. After five attempts this is the one with the smallest smirk. For some reason the second you put me in front of a camera I seem to have a massive smirk permanently etched on my face.


We also had to have a photo taken of us eating a piece of fruit or vegetable. The only piece that was left when I got round to taking mine that I considered to be remotely safe to put anywhere near my mouth was half a grapefruit. Not nice. This was a grapefruit without any sugar that had spent the best part of the day cut in half out in the open. I caught some of it on my tooth and it was vile.

I apologise for the quality of some of the photos in this post, my camera died on me and they were taken on my phone.




August Glossybox

Having spent the last few weeks using the products from this months Glossybox, I’m pretty sure that this is the best one yet. I love it.

The theme of this months box was ‘international superstars’, featuring products from around the world. In mine I got from Germany Alessandro’s Pro White, from Japan DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, from Spain Vera Valenti L’ombre a Paupiere Margarita and from the UK Lipcote. I also got All For Eve For The Eve Appeal Eve’s Balm and the Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink. I quite liked it when I opened my box and found that there was six items as opposed to the usual five.


For some reason it doesn’t look like it in the photo, but, there was eyeshadow everywhere.  It wasn’t all too pretty. Other than that I was quite happy when I opened my box.

On the subject of the eyeshadow, I didn’t like it. It looked cheap, it felt cheap and was just awful in general.

The other product that didn’t exactly float my boat in this box was the cleansing oil. Sure it was nice but I don’t think that it was ‘revolutionary’ as it claimed I would. It felt like it left my face very oily afterwards which has left me thinking that I’ll stick to my regular cleanser.

Lipcote was definitely my favourite product in this months box. It did exactly what it said it would do. It made a huge difference to how long my lipstick lasted – instead of needing to replace it every couple of hours, it comfortably lasted all day at work. The tingly feeling I didn’t think was too bad either, I know some people hated that feeling, but for me it  wasn’t too bad and if it meant it lasted all day – small price to pay.

I didn’t really think that the All For Eve For The Eve Appeal was actually that nourishing for my skin. I did however love the smell of it, it has this gorgeous herbal smell that  is simply amazing. It also was easily absorbed into my skin just as it said it would. And to top it all of the balm helps raise money for gynaecological cancer. So would I buy this again, yes I think I would, probably just for the smell.

The Alessandro Pro White was an amazing product. It really did brighten my nails and gave them a nice shine. One of the things that I’ll have to bare in mind for future is that I really need to make sure that there are no little splatters of black paint on my nails, this product made them unbelievably noticeable. One downside was that I noticed in certain lights it made my nails go a really weird colour, sorta a bluey tinge, it was seriously weird.

The Glossybox lipstick was in my mind a bit of a freebie and with that in my I thought it was an amazing product. I don’t think that the colour looks particularly good on me, it looks a little weird. It is however an amazing colour that I really wished looked good on me, it felt amazing too when I applied it too. I would love this in a slightly different colour, I think I would be first in line to buy it too.

Other than the eyeshadow palette that I’m desperately trying to forget I really liked this months box. Anyone else got any horror stories about this months box?





Etsy Finds

Sterling Silver Honey Knuckles II

I love this ring. It’s just so unique, a definite conversation starter. It’s just amazing. Need I say any more.

Vintage early 90s Versace classic V2 Unisex shirt Blouse

I wouldn’t say that my style really includes vintage in it but I think that for this Versace shirt I might be able to make an exception. I really like how the whites not a flat white and that the pattern isn’t in your face, it’s nice and subtle.

LPM Redesigned Vintage Floral Fishtail Dress Size Medium

I love this type of dress and although when I first saw the print it reminded me of the interior of our families caravan, its really growing on me. It’s one of those things that if I could really justify dipping into my New York Fund for then I would, but I don’t think that I really need it, so instead it’ll stay in my imaginary wardrobe and somebody else will be lucky enough to get it in their wardrobe.

Vintage Polka Dot Cream Blouse Size Medium

Unlike the last shirt this shirts print has a slightly bolder print, though still not overpowering. Such a shame that I would want it to be a closeish fitting shirt and it’s a medium and would be huge on me.

The Colmar Clutch - Fisherman & Butterscotch, knit crochet color blocking clutch, fold over clutch, size MEDIUM

My limited knowledge of knitting and crocheting would leave me thinking that this amazing bag has been crocheted. Having said that I wouldn’t swear on it and if anybody knows otherwise then feel free to correct me. Anyways this is such a unique bag. I want one so much, as a student I don’t really think that I can afford it but there’s always Christmas.




Today I’m wearing…


It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post and if I’m being honest, it feels a bit weird that I’m wearing clothes that aren’t either work clothes or my jammies at the moment, I’ve live in one or the other since I started my summer job a couple of months ago. It was even more weird that the dress that I was wearing was something new, it’s been a long time since I’ve really had enough money to buy something. The dress which I got from H&M was an absolute bargain at what I think might have been £12.99.

I have to say that I really regretted wearing this as soon as I left the house. Working in an air conditioned building that has it’s own climate has meant that I don’t really know what the weather has been like. I thought that it was going to be a relatively cool day and when I got dressed it was. By the time that I got into town I was sweating buckets. My feet were the worst, I was wearing boots that I spent all of last winter wearing – not a good idea on a hot day in the middle of summer. Not something that I’ll be doing again in a hurry, I think that those boots will be will be hidden away until the weather changes a little.

Does anyone else think that I’m standing a little wonky? I can’t decide if I look a little weird standing the way that I am, or not.



July Glossybox

I can’t believe that I’ve had my July Glossybox sitting in my room unopened for a month. I really don’t know what happened. Well I do, I like doing the post that goes with the box as I open it and this last month has been, to put it mildly a little crazy. I honestly didn’t think that it had been sitting there that long until I got home from work today to find that my August one was sitting on the worktop waiting for me.

The theme of this months box was all to do with festivals and if I’m being honest this is not the best box they’ve ever given me. Though there’s probably hundreds of girls that would really have loved this box, it just isn’t really me.

The one thing in the box that I think that I quite like is the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist. I’m not sure I really understand the purpose of it but it actually felt really good when I sprayed it over my face. I’m not sure if I would really pay almost £10 for something that’s main ingredient is water, but maybe after I’ve gotten through the bottle I might have changed my mind. I also quite liked the Jelly Ping Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting right up until the point that I saw what colour it turned out. Nice colour and all, just not on me.

Considering that my current favourite purfumes are Marc Jacobs Daisy and Miss Dior Cherie, I wasn’t holding out much hope for really liking something that is described as a ‘urban fragrance’. Unfortunately there wasn’t a surprising ‘Oh My God This Is Amazing’ moment, instead it was more of a ‘London May Be My Favourite Place In The World, But That Doesn’t Mean That I Want To Smell Like It’ moment, and, if I’m being honest I really don’t see the connection. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and the Monu Night Renewal Complex just really aren’t my thing.

Overall I think that I am quite disappointed in this month’s box, I really hope that when I open August’s box tomorrow that it’ll be a different story.



Etsy Finds

Out of everything I’ve missed about having no internet connection recently, I think I’ve missed Etsy the most. It feels so good to be back. Instead of working on my College Summer Project that’s due in next week (I know it’s ridiculous that I haven’t even started there and I’ve already got heaps of work to do), I’ve been spending way too many hours window shopping.

Hand Made Distressed Leather iPad iPad 2 or the Newest iPad (3) Case - Can Be Customized to Fit Any Tablet Case

If I owned an iPad this would be the case for me. It’s a shame that I don’t really considering how much I love this case. It is something that I’ve considered saving up for several times but at the moment it’s either an iPad or a trip to New York next spring. Somehow I think that New York wins that contest.

Early 90s Smoke Jacquard Shirt Dress woven geometric horse print Small

With this I really can’t make my mind up as to how much I like it. Part of me loves it but another part, admittedly slightly smaller is saying no. There was definitely an instant attraction there though.

Spider Gear Steampunk Ring

Normally on an every day basis, if I have my own way I have absolutely nothing to do with spiders, I hate the damn things. They move in such an unnatural way and just look freaky. But when it comes to this ring I think I might be able to make an exception. Rings are one of my favourite things in the entire world and the bigger the better. This ring is simply a work of art. As a mere student I can’t afford it but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one of the best rings that I have ever seen.

Hand Dip Tie Dyed Blue Ombre Oversized Ladies Summer Boyfriend Shirt Blouse

This shirt is just amazing. The colour combination is just perfect, it’s not too light and it’s not too dark. I think this seems like it would make a good DIY job.

Chunky Knit Dusty Blue Long Infinity Cowl ScarfThis looks like it has the potential to be the softest, most snuggleable (is that a real word) snood ever. And it’s in such a beautiful colour. Shame it’s summer here in England, I’d feel weird buying something intended for cold weather while I’m busy eating ice creams.

I really have missed this.