ASOS Loves


I’m not normally someone who thinks I need new clothes – must go have a look on ASOS, I’m much more likely to think Topshop. I think though that I might have found a good alternative.
Image 1 of ASOS Suede Studded BackpackI’m not going to lie, I can’t afford this and if I’m being honest most of what’s on this page, but if I win the lottery this weekend this would be the first thing on my list.

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Spike Jewel Cross NecklaceI like big statement necklaces. I would die for this one even though it looks heavy as hell. I just love the combinations of colours in it.

Image 1 of ASOS Jumper With Embroidered BoatsMe and boats just don’t get on – I’m spectacularly sea sick. But I might be able to make an exception for this jumper.

Image 1 of ASOS Roll Brim Felt Boater

This is definitely not what I was looking for when I was looking for hats, I was thinking more of the knitted woolly kind. It’s freezing outside, well if you live in England it is, if you’re living somewhere hot then you’re probably laughing you’re pants off right now. Even though it wasn’t the kind of hat I was looking for, I’m pretty sure I could be talked into buying both this one and the black version.




November Wishlist

Like most of the items that make it to my wishlist again this month most of then are quite expensive, which at the moment is not a good thing – I have next to no money and what I do is being quickly spent on my college course. Not fun times.

Image 1 of James Perse Long Sleeve Casual TeeThis top is surprisingly similar to the top that I’m wearing now except this one has longer sleeves. Even the colour is the same as the bottom of my top, I’m loving this colour at the moment. I’m going through a phase where I love anything that’s slightly on the loose side, I have a ridiculous amount of oversized jumpers that I live in. I’m talking buying a UK size 20 jumper instead of the 6 that I normally am, the looks that I got of the lady on the till when she asked who it was for and i said me were hilarious.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll already know of my love of statement rings, if not then you now know and I hope you enjoy your visit. In my opinion the bigger the better and seeing as this one would cover at least three and maybe just a bit of my little finger then this was always going to be high up on my must haves list. I love that even though the actual design of the ring is incredibly simple, it still manages to make a big statement. What I don’t like about this so much is the price, at £85 it’s a little on the pricey side, so as much as I love it I don’t think that there’s much chance of me owning it. A girl can dream though, can’t she?

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Crystal Shard Burst Necklace

I think that this is going to be another thing that goes on my as much as I love it, I don’t think that I’m going to be lucky enough to end up owning it. I’m thinking the closest that I’m going to get to owing this is coming up with a DIY. Cue sad face. I couldn’t tell you exactly why I fell in love with this necklace but, it was love at first sight when I came across it on Asos. The colours in it are just gorgeous.

The Chelsea boots that I brought in the kids section at Asda a couple of months ago are fast wearing out. I love them to bits, they go with everything, I can walk around in them all day and they keep my feet nice and warm. Honestly if you haven’t got a pair I demand that you go out and get a pair and while you’re out if you can fit in anything from the kids section go and have a look, occasionally there are some amazing pieces that you can pick up at really good prices. If I could realistically afford it these River Island would be the perfect replacement. Especially with the metal strip around the toe area that sets them apart from other Chelsea boots a little.

Really starting to wish that I could get a job that wasn’t just each summer, the money from this year’s never going to last.



Etsy Finds

curiouser and curiouserAlice in Wonderland is probably the only book that I have ever read more than once. It’s one that even as I’ve gotten older I still love, although if I’m being honest I would much rather sit down and watch the Disney version – reading can be a bit of a struggle for me. But it was my love of Alice in Wonderland that attracted me to this piece. It’s one of my favourite quotes from the book and I just think that it’s amazing how it’s been put onto a recycled silver plated spoon, something that I’ve never seen before. It just made me smile. I then went and had a bit of a look around her shop, there were quite a few things that I would honestly want to buy from there. This keyring was probably my favourite, it made me laugh so much.

i am fartacus key ringHaving said that it finding this funny did make me feel slightly childish, but it made me laugh so I don’t think I really care.Neon pink knot rope bracelet with tassel charmAfter yesterdays Lego brick necklace and after looking at what items have been attracting me on Etsy recently, I think I’m going through another one of my bright colours phases. Out of the two I think I prefer the yellow one as it’s slightly brighter. What drew me to these wasn’t the colour it was more the interesting texture of rope, and the tassels, I’m a sucker for tassels.Future Stud Earrings - Lime, Silver & NaturalPart of me thinks that I may have already posted a similar set of earrings a couple of months ago, but I think that that highlights how much I like this style. I love the bold graphic style and the combination of the colours. Girl Screen Printed Shopper Free UK ShippingAlice Rebecca Potter is a brilliant illustrator. Her bold simplistic style really appeals to me. I’ve been looking for a printed shopper for a while and this one ranks highly on my list of ones that I’m considering. The rest of the items in her shop are too amazing and again I would buy many of them including this London themed print.


London Print Medium



If you want to have a look at more of her work take a look at her website here.


SALE - Kraken Octopus Ring OctopusME Miyu Decay Collaboration


I don’t think that words can explain just how beautiful this ring is. It’s just wow… That’s about all I can say about it. That and there is no way on Earth that I could ever afford this ring. At $298 with $32 shipping to the UK that isn’t exactly what I would call affordable, but if you’ve got the money then I would definitely say get it – I know I would.



Day 7 : Your Favourite Print

I think that out of all the printed items that I own this is probably my favourite at the moment. It’s from a New Look dress that I got a few months back for my Nan’s retirement party and I think that it was about £25.

I always think that it’s such a shame that I don’t wear this very often, but it’s hand wash only and I tend to save up things so that I can do it all in one go, so it might take a month or two before I even wash it. The only other problem that I have with this dress is that it’s a little longer in the body than I would like – I’m really short in the body for my height – but I guess that that’s something that I’m going to have to live with.



Day 6 : Your Best Bargain

So okay, I know you’ve already seen this picture from this post, but this ring has to be my best bargain. It’s from one of the very few trips that I have made into Primark, I think that I got it sometime around Christmas for only a pound. Absolute bargain. I was honestly prepared for it to fall apart or something similar quite quickly after I got it, but more than seven months of regular wear later and it’s still as good as new. I’m proud of it, most of my more expensive rings tend to look a little worse for wear after this amount of time.

I have a feeling that when I got it, it was one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and I decided that if I was going to wait in the queue with my friend then I needed to actually be buying something. This ring and the other ring from Primark in this post are the result of that. Both of which I think are absolutely amazing.




Day 5 : Most Wanted Item

I think that these Topshop shoes have to come top of my list of most wanted things. Well either them in this colour or them in black, I’m not too sure. Black would probably go with more but I think the burgundy colour is nicer. At the moment I’m leaning towards the burgundy. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of these for a while now and I think that come payday next week I think I’ll be investing in a pair.




Primark A/W12 – The Best Bits

So thanks to Look, I’ve spent the last few hours having a good look at Primark’s A/W12 collection. I have two things to say about it, the first being that Primark really need to get themselves a proper website and secondly I’m actually really excited about it. Normally excited isn’t something that I tend to feel about Primark (feel free to hate me for that comment), and I tend to avoid shopping there, mainly because it tends to be ridiculously busy and it you don’t get in before about ten, it tends to have descended into total choas (at least in my local store anyways). I think though, if they’re selling clothes like this that I may have to brave a trip in there in a few months time. I honestly wasn’t expecting these clothes from them. If I was being honest I was expecting something that just looked cheap, instead I think I’ve fallen in love.

Primark AW12 Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Trousers, £16

Printed Trousers, £16

Primark AW12 Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Primark AW12 Spike Bracelet £4

Spike Bracelet, £4

Primark AW12 Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Primark AW12 Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

See I told you it was good, didn’t I? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m going through a bit of a print phase right now and some of these prints are to die for, I’m thinking the first pair of trousers particularly.And at £14 they’re an absolute steal. And those shoes are just beautiful. I want them so much.

Somehow Primark have managed to change my opinion on them totally. I still don’t think that I’ll be venturing into there on a Saturday afternoon, but I think that maybe, just maybe I’ll give it a go one morning before College.