October Glossybox

A week and a half ago I came home from college to find that my October Glossybox had arrived. Cue happy dance, just like every month I was ridiculously excited. This months My feelings to what was in it however can be summed up in five words…

Not impressed Glossybox. Not Impressed.

I mean seriously two of the products in the box really aren’t aimed at anybody my age at all and I know that they know how old I am. In the description of the two items that I’m talking about it says ‘immediately smoothes wrinkles’ and ‘ particularly suitable for those over 30’. I think I’m slightly insulted. Are they trying to say something? I’m 18 people, 18, I clearly am not going to have wrinkles, am I. I’ve had things similar to these a couple of times before, but never more than one in a box, so I’ve felt better about overlooking them. That and they’ve been in boxes that otherwise I’ve felt were really good. This one I’m not so sure about it’s only really got one thing in that I’ve really liked, one I could take or leave and the other I would have but never in a million years would I wear it in the colour I got for longer than it takes to try it out on one nail. So I’m not happy.

So this is what I got….

Before I go and totally slate this months box, I think that I’m going to start with the one thing that I actually liked the look of.

Although I have yet to actually try this product, for me this one was the highlight of my box. I think the first thing that attracted me to it was the bright colours of the tube and the fun text on it – a nice change from the usual serious looking products that I tend to receive. It also smells heavenly. Honestly I could sit there and smell it all day. It’s also something that I’ve heard good things about. The only problem I have with this product was that they they didn’t send out a full size tube – I mean it’s not exactly an expensive product at £3.49 for 200ml. On the plus side if it’s something that I really like then it’s something that is easily affordable for everyday use.

From there the box just seemed to go downhill.

This product to be fair isn’t that bad and I think that I’m going to try it out as I do have spot prone skin. I think that half the problem is that I hate some of the products in this box so everything has to work that much harder for me to like it.

The only way I can really say about this nail varnish is that the colour is HIDEOUS. Words do not describe how horrid this colour is. If you want your nails to bare a striking resemblance to pink hubba bubba then this is the colour for you, if not then I would suggest avoiding this colour like the plague. Having said all that, if I ignore the colour then I quite liked it.  I just wish that I had got one of the other colours that other people seem to have got.

This was the first of the products that I was and still am fuming about. It’s specially designed for skin over the age of thirty, which I would like to point out on the off chance the someone from Glossybox reads this, I AM NOT THIRTY FOR ANOTHER TWELVE YEARS. I swiftly gave this one to my Mum and from what she says I gather that it’s quite good.

This one I’m going to say two things. One, I gave it to my Nan. Two, in case the people at Glossybox haven’t understood go to the bit in shouty capitals on the last products and then seriously ask yourself if I want something that is an ‘instant anti-wrinkle moisturiser’. I don’t think that you really need an answer to that.

I’ve had most of this post written since the day after I got my box and I was thinking that I was being a little harsh when I wrote it and coming back to it today, I think that I’m pretty much feeling the same. I think that over the last couple of months the boxes have been getting slowly worse. I really hope that the next box is better. Did anyone get a good box this month?




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