July Glossybox

I can’t believe that I’ve had my July Glossybox sitting in my room unopened for a month. I really don’t know what happened. Well I do, I like doing the post that goes with the box as I open it and this last month has been, to put it mildly a little crazy. I honestly didn’t think that it had been sitting there that long until I got home from work today to find that my August one was sitting on the worktop waiting for me.

The theme of this months box was all to do with festivals and if I’m being honest this is not the best box they’ve ever given me. Though there’s probably hundreds of girls that would really have loved this box, it just isn’t really me.

The one thing in the box that I think that I quite like is the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist. I’m not sure I really understand the purpose of it but it actually felt really good when I sprayed it over my face. I’m not sure if I would really pay almost £10 for something that’s main ingredient is water, but maybe after I’ve gotten through the bottle I might have changed my mind. I also quite liked the Jelly Ping Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting right up until the point that I saw what colour it turned out. Nice colour and all, just not on me.

Considering that my current favourite purfumes are Marc Jacobs Daisy and Miss Dior Cherie, I wasn’t holding out much hope for really liking something that is described as a ‘urban fragrance’. Unfortunately there wasn’t a surprising ‘Oh My God This Is Amazing’ moment, instead it was more of a ‘London May Be My Favourite Place In The World, But That Doesn’t Mean That I Want To Smell Like It’ moment, and, if I’m being honest I really don’t see the connection. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and the Monu Night Renewal Complex just really aren’t my thing.

Overall I think that I am quite disappointed in this month’s box, I really hope that when I open August’s box tomorrow that it’ll be a different story.




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