Day 6 : Your Best Bargain

So okay, I know you’ve already seen this picture from this post, but this ring has to be my best bargain. It’s from one of the very few trips that I have made into Primark, I think that I got it sometime around Christmas for only a pound. Absolute bargain. I was honestly prepared for it to fall apart or something similar quite quickly after I got it, but more than seven months of regular wear later and it’s still as good as new. I’m proud of it, most of my more expensive rings tend to look a little worse for wear after this amount of time.

I have a feeling that when I got it, it was one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and I decided that if I was going to wait in the queue with my friend then I needed to actually be buying something. This ring and the other ring from Primark in this post are the result of that. Both of which I think are absolutely amazing.





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