Day 4 : A Piece Of Clothing Or Jewellery That Was A Gift

My favourite piece of jewellery that someone has brought me definitely has to be the Chamilia bracelet that my best friend brought me for my eighteenth earlier this year. 

When I say she brought it I am lying a little, she brought the beads and I paid for the bracelet. Even so, it’s still one of my favourite things that someone has brought me.

It took me  hours to choose which beads I wanted to have, I knew I wanted two silver beads and a coloured one but beyond that I didn’t have a clue. Even once I had decided on the first two, I then I couldn’t decide if I wanted Thumper or Jiminy Cricket. In the end I went for Thumper purely because the Jiminy Cricket one was mostly silver with a little gold star and at the time I didn’t particularly like, though now I’ve gone and had another look at it I actually really like it. I think I might buy it as one of the next ones I get.

Jiminy Cricket                  City Lights Collection - Fuchsia Steel

If I got the Jiminy Cricket one then I’d have to for my own personal sanity get a coloured one to go between two of the silver ones. It’s something that would really bug me if I didn’t. I think I’d go for this pink one. I just love the colour of it so much.




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