Day 3 : Your Summer Essential

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last week, my internet connection has been temperamental to put it  mildly. I was lucky if I got one long enough to open my homepage. Sorry. But I have still kept writing a post each day on my phone, I just haven’t been able to put any pictures into them. I do have good news though, having gone to work this morning with no internet connection, I come home and its all good again. Yay. So for the next few days I think I’m going to try and get two up each day until I’ve got caught up.

I am going to say that the posts are really being done in the order that they should be. The days that I’ve put at the top of the post don’t necessarily match the order that they were done in, but there’s that part of me that needs the numbers to run in order on the page. Anyhoo, enough with the boring rubbish.

Today I was originally going to post the one about my favourite print but instead I thought that considering the weather at the moment that this would be more fitting.

My essential for an English summer is a pair of good wellies. It’s just not an English summer unless its pouring, or as I like to call it mildly damp.  Personally I love the rain especially when I can fall asleep listening to it. I don’t even mind getting wet unless its my feet that are involved –  I can’t really think of things that are worse than walking around in wet socks and shoes for hours.

brand new from their box today are mine.

I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter boots for years now especially after I looked at what I could get when I was writing this post a couple of months ago. Over the weekend I found that my last pair of wellies have a hole in them somewhere and it seemed like the perfect reason. That and I kind of see these as an early present to myself for working all summer while my friends are out having fun.

I really don’t think that the photo that I took of them really shows just how gorgeous the colour of them is. I don’t think that even the picture on their website doesn’t really show it either, if I’m being honest it’s somewhere in the middle of the two. They’re also the tallest wellies that I have ever worn, they end just under my knees and my legs aren’t exactly what I would call short.

I really hope that it rains again tomorrow so that I get a chance to wear them.




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