Blogger Challenge Day 1 : Your Wardrobe

So the first days post in the challenge is supposed to be about my wardrobe or in my case wardrobes. I have two. You know you have too many clothes when you can’t fit them all in one wardrobe. Most people would probably see it as an ‘I should really stop buying clothes’ kind of things, but I just can’t look at it like that. In some ways I’m a little bit proud of it.

So this is the new wardrobe. It’s looking quite empty at the moment, mostly because there is a *small* (read definite) chance that I may have left putting my washing in the basket until there was a pile the size of a small mountain on my floor, so it’s all in the wash.

This is the old one. This one tends to have most of the stuff that I don’t wear very often as as you can see from the photo it’s kinda wedged into the corner behind the other wardrobe. I kind of wish that this one was more organised like my other one, but its always been a bit of a free for all in there. The bottom of it does make a good place for stashing my old sketchbooks.

So there you go, a little look into my wardrobe. Probably not the not interesting post that you’ll ever read, as much as I wish Narnia isn’t on the other side of them. I am now kind of intrigued as to what everyone else’s wardrobes look like.




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