Day 7 : Your Favourite Print

I think that out of all the printed items that I own this is probably my favourite at the moment. It’s from a New Look dress that I got a few months back for my Nan’s retirement party and I think that it was about £25.

I always think that it’s such a shame that I don’t wear this very often, but it’s hand wash only and I tend to save up things so that I can do it all in one go, so it might take a month or two before I even wash it. The only other problem that I have with this dress is that it’s a little longer in the body than I would like – I’m really short in the body for my height – but I guess that that’s something that I’m going to have to live with.




Day 6 : Your Best Bargain

So okay, I know you’ve already seen this picture from this post, but this ring has to be my best bargain. It’s from one of the very few trips that I have made into Primark, I think that I got it sometime around Christmas for only a pound. Absolute bargain. I was honestly prepared for it to fall apart or something similar quite quickly after I got it, but more than seven months of regular wear later and it’s still as good as new. I’m proud of it, most of my more expensive rings tend to look a little worse for wear after this amount of time.

I have a feeling that when I got it, it was one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and I decided that if I was going to wait in the queue with my friend then I needed to actually be buying something. This ring and the other ring from Primark in this post are the result of that. Both of which I think are absolutely amazing.




Day 5 : Most Wanted Item

I think that these Topshop shoes have to come top of my list of most wanted things. Well either them in this colour or them in black, I’m not too sure. Black would probably go with more but I think the burgundy colour is nicer. At the moment I’m leaning towards the burgundy. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of these for a while now and I think that come payday next week I think I’ll be investing in a pair.




Day 4 : A Piece Of Clothing Or Jewellery That Was A Gift

My favourite piece of jewellery that someone has brought me definitely has to be the Chamilia bracelet that my best friend brought me for my eighteenth earlier this year. 

When I say she brought it I am lying a little, she brought the beads and I paid for the bracelet. Even so, it’s still one of my favourite things that someone has brought me.

It took me  hours to choose which beads I wanted to have, I knew I wanted two silver beads and a coloured one but beyond that I didn’t have a clue. Even once I had decided on the first two, I then I couldn’t decide if I wanted Thumper or Jiminy Cricket. In the end I went for Thumper purely because the Jiminy Cricket one was mostly silver with a little gold star and at the time I didn’t particularly like, though now I’ve gone and had another look at it I actually really like it. I think I might buy it as one of the next ones I get.

Jiminy Cricket                  City Lights Collection - Fuchsia Steel

If I got the Jiminy Cricket one then I’d have to for my own personal sanity get a coloured one to go between two of the silver ones. It’s something that would really bug me if I didn’t. I think I’d go for this pink one. I just love the colour of it so much.



Day 3 : Your Summer Essential

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last week, my internet connection has been temperamental to put it  mildly. I was lucky if I got one long enough to open my homepage. Sorry. But I have still kept writing a post each day on my phone, I just haven’t been able to put any pictures into them. I do have good news though, having gone to work this morning with no internet connection, I come home and its all good again. Yay. So for the next few days I think I’m going to try and get two up each day until I’ve got caught up.

I am going to say that the posts are really being done in the order that they should be. The days that I’ve put at the top of the post don’t necessarily match the order that they were done in, but there’s that part of me that needs the numbers to run in order on the page. Anyhoo, enough with the boring rubbish.

Today I was originally going to post the one about my favourite print but instead I thought that considering the weather at the moment that this would be more fitting.

My essential for an English summer is a pair of good wellies. It’s just not an English summer unless its pouring, or as I like to call it mildly damp.  Personally I love the rain especially when I can fall asleep listening to it. I don’t even mind getting wet unless its my feet that are involved –  I can’t really think of things that are worse than walking around in wet socks and shoes for hours.

brand new from their box today are mine.

I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter boots for years now especially after I looked at what I could get when I was writing this post a couple of months ago. Over the weekend I found that my last pair of wellies have a hole in them somewhere and it seemed like the perfect reason. That and I kind of see these as an early present to myself for working all summer while my friends are out having fun.

I really don’t think that the photo that I took of them really shows just how gorgeous the colour of them is. I don’t think that even the picture on their website doesn’t really show it either, if I’m being honest it’s somewhere in the middle of the two. They’re also the tallest wellies that I have ever worn, they end just under my knees and my legs aren’t exactly what I would call short.

I really hope that it rains again tomorrow so that I get a chance to wear them.



Day 2 : You Have The Most….

Rings. For the last couple of years its been rings. I could even pinpoint the day a few years back when my love of them started. I was down in London with my family and we had a couple of hours until the Lion King started and they decided to take us to Convent Garden. The exact ring that started my love affair with rings is at this very moment sitting on the middle finger of my left hand, looking something like this…

It cost me something like £8 and it was one of the best £8’s that I can remember spendingIt did originally have a metal swirly thing that came out of it with a little butterfly on the end, but I finally managed to break it while I was out having dinner with my family. I can remember at the time being absolutely gutted, but now its so much easier to wear, I’m not constantly worrying about catching it like I always used to be.

Since that day I have brought a ridiculous number of rings. I love each and every one of them, but, I do have my favourites.

I think that these are my favourite out of the ones that I have left. The ones in the top picture are both Topshop, they came in a set of four and they’re just so cute. I love the way that the tail on the cat and the legs on the frog move.

The bottom two both came from my last trip to Primark, which must have been about four or five months ago when my friend dragged me in there. When I brought it, I honestly thought that I would hate the two finger ring. I loved it but I thought that it would be ridiculously uncomfortable to wear. But its not, well most of the time anyways, I think the only time that I have to really take it off is when I type. The bottom ring I think is just adorable, it’s like the owl is hugging my finger – so adorable.



Blogger Challenge Day 1 : Your Wardrobe

So the first days post in the challenge is supposed to be about my wardrobe or in my case wardrobes. I have two. You know you have too many clothes when you can’t fit them all in one wardrobe. Most people would probably see it as an ‘I should really stop buying clothes’ kind of things, but I just can’t look at it like that. In some ways I’m a little bit proud of it.

So this is the new wardrobe. It’s looking quite empty at the moment, mostly because there is a *small* (read definite) chance that I may have left putting my washing in the basket until there was a pile the size of a small mountain on my floor, so it’s all in the wash.

This is the old one. This one tends to have most of the stuff that I don’t wear very often as as you can see from the photo it’s kinda wedged into the corner behind the other wardrobe. I kind of wish that this one was more organised like my other one, but its always been a bit of a free for all in there. The bottom of it does make a good place for stashing my old sketchbooks.

So there you go, a little look into my wardrobe. Probably not the not interesting post that you’ll ever read, as much as I wish Narnia isn’t on the other side of them. I am now kind of intrigued as to what everyone else’s wardrobes look like.