Primark A/W12 – The Best Bits

So thanks to Look, I’ve spent the last few hours having a good look at Primark’s A/W12 collection. I have two things to say about it, the first being that Primark really need to get themselves a proper website and secondly I’m actually really excited about it. Normally excited isn’t something that I tend to feel about Primark (feel free to hate me for that comment), and I tend to avoid shopping there, mainly because it tends to be ridiculously busy and it you don’t get in before about ten, it tends to have descended into total choas (at least in my local store anyways). I think though, if they’re selling clothes like this that I may have to brave a trip in there in a few months time. I honestly wasn’t expecting these clothes from them. If I was being honest I was expecting something that just looked cheap, instead I think I’ve fallen in love.

Primark AW12 Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Trousers, £16

Printed Trousers, £16

Primark AW12 Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Primark AW12 Spike Bracelet £4

Spike Bracelet, £4

Primark AW12 Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Primark AW12 Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

See I told you it was good, didn’t I? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m going through a bit of a print phase right now and some of these prints are to die for, I’m thinking the first pair of trousers particularly.And at £14 they’re an absolute steal. And those shoes are just beautiful. I want them so much.

Somehow Primark have managed to change my opinion on them totally. I still don’t think that I’ll be venturing into there on a Saturday afternoon, but I think that maybe, just maybe I’ll give it a go one morning before College.




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