Etsy Finds

So in between my exams and being ill again, I seem to have spent quite a lot of time on Etsy and found a ridiculous amount of things that I want but can’t afford. Vintage High Waisted  Studded Shorts One of the first things that caught my eye was yet again a pair of shorts that I desperately want. I just love how casual the distressing on them makes them. At this rate I’m gonna end up with a wardrobe filled with denim shorts and nothing else. sterling silver weather forecast ear studs (set of 6 ear studs), handmade in England These are honestly some of the most amazing earrings that I have ever seen. They remind me of the old symbols that they used to use on the old weather forecasts. I think that as much as I’d like the idea of having different earrings in each ear, I’d want two sets so that I could wear a pair of the dame together. BZR Ombré tights (T/L) in Fuschian Violet I love these tights. I don’t love the price though. If I wasn’t someone who puts holes in tights on an almost daily basis then it wouldn’t be so bad but going through these would get very expensive for me very quickly. They come in some amazing colours, I think these purple and black ones are my favourite ones, though the dark brown into yellow do come a close second. Romper Marigold Floral Medium NWT Vtg 90s Grunge Playsuits tend to be something that I admire from afar. They just aren’t made for people with a short body and long legs. They tend to look a little ridiculous on me, either way too long on the body or obscenely short on the legs. So it’s safe to say that this one I’ll definitely be admiring from afar. I love the print on this though and if it was anything other than a playsuit I would be buying it without question. Woven Beaded Friendship Bracelet--SAGE I can remember making friendship bracelets for all my friends when I was at primary school and it was considered the cool thing to do, but like all ‘cool’ things at primary school one day they were the best things on earth and the next they were nothing. Such a shame. Anyways, I think there will always be a part of me that loves them and who loves the feel of having them go all the way up my arm.




One thought on “Etsy Finds

  1. Hello 🙂 I’m a new follower ^^(Bloglovin)
    I feel the exact same way about tights! Mine don’t last long, so it’s not worthy to buy an expensive pair. I’m considering a DIY though…

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