Selina’s Fashion Blogger Challenge

About a week ago, I was catching up on all the posts that I’d left unread on Bloglovin’, when I came across someone who’d been trying Flying Saucer’s Selina’s Fashion Blogger Challenge, which she completed in May and tried to get others to do along with her. Have a look at her original post here. I was a bit late on the uptake, so instead of doing it throughout May, I’ll be giving it a go throughout July. It’ll be the most posts that I’ve ever done in a month, but, I think the challenge will do me some good.

So here’s the list;

1st. Your wardrobe
2nd. You have the most…
3rd. Something you’re wearing for the first time
4th. Your favourite print
5th. Your best bargain
6th. Something out of your comfort zone but you love it
7th. A special occassion outfit
8th. Something you forget you have but love
9th. The item at the top of your wishlist
10th. Cute tights
11th. Your spring essential
12th. The outfit you’ve had the best times in
13th. Your lazy day at home with style (in front of your housemates/bf/visitor) outfit
14th. The item that was hardest to hunt down/buy
15th. Nail art/your favourite polish and your nail varnish collection
16th. A customised item
17th. Something you wear when it’s sunny
18th. Your brightest lipstick
19th. An article of clothing/jewellery that instantly makes you feel great
20th. Shoes you love but hardly wear
21st. Something that is your favourite brand
22nd. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift
23rd. Something from your favourite store
24th. The item that brings all the boys to the yard
25th. A totally YOU outfit
26th. What’s in your bag
27th. Inspired by your style icon
28th. Something everyone has now
29th. Face of the day
30th. Pretty hair
31st. The thing you’re obsessed with at the moment!

Not sure how this is going to go really as I often write posts over two days. Fingers crossed I’ll make it to the other side.




Primark A/W12 – The Best Bits

So thanks to Look, I’ve spent the last few hours having a good look at Primark’s A/W12 collection. I have two things to say about it, the first being that Primark really need to get themselves a proper website and secondly I’m actually really excited about it. Normally excited isn’t something that I tend to feel about Primark (feel free to hate me for that comment), and I tend to avoid shopping there, mainly because it tends to be ridiculously busy and it you don’t get in before about ten, it tends to have descended into total choas (at least in my local store anyways). I think though, if they’re selling clothes like this that I may have to brave a trip in there in a few months time. I honestly wasn’t expecting these clothes from them. If I was being honest I was expecting something that just looked cheap, instead I think I’ve fallen in love.

Primark AW12 Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Sleeveless Ombre Print Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Chain Printed Panel Shirt, £12

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Printed Cotton Trousers, £14

Primark AW12 Printed Trousers, £16

Printed Trousers, £16

Primark AW12 Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Heart Print Playsuit, £12

Primark AW12 Spike Bracelet £4

Spike Bracelet, £4

Primark AW12 Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Floral Block Heel Boots, £20

Primark AW12 Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

Enamel Plate Necklace, £8

See I told you it was good, didn’t I? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m going through a bit of a print phase right now and some of these prints are to die for, I’m thinking the first pair of trousers particularly.And at £14 they’re an absolute steal. And those shoes are just beautiful. I want them so much.

Somehow Primark have managed to change my opinion on them totally. I still don’t think that I’ll be venturing into there on a Saturday afternoon, but I think that maybe, just maybe I’ll give it a go one morning before College.



Etsy Finds Of The Week

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, with exams and finishing sixth form, its been a bit hectic lately and I just haven’t had the time to sit down in front of Etsy and have a good look round in a while.

Tribal/Aztec Elephant and Waves Shorts, Hand Painted, Vintage Distressed High Waisted Denim, Upcycled W27

These shorts I love so much and when I first found them on Fashiolista, I didn’t even realise that they were on Etsy. The back pocket has a little elephant printed on it, it’s so cute. They’re not cheap though and at £66 without postage, I think that I might have to wait a while before I invest in these, I am still a student.

Third Eye Body Chain with Brass, Sterling and Lace Agate

My opinion on these has always been divided. I’ve seen some that I’ve totally hated, but at the same time I’ve seen some that I’ve loved and I think after seeing this one that I’m leaning towards generally liking them.

Small Bones Pair

These bone hair clips have been tormenting me for weeks now. Every time I see them and  don’t get them it breaks my heart a little. The more I think about it though, the more they remind me of The Flintstones.

Anatomical heart necklace - silver and black human heart - macabre jewelry (discounted)

My sister would love this. Me, it makes me smile. It’s something a little different, but it’s still something that is quite wearable and so wouldn’t be something that you could only wear once with one thing.

1970s vintage leather purse bag saddle bag cross body shoulder bag purse ipad case

Seeing as I’ve just killed my latest bag, I’ve been on the hunt for something that would be big enough for when I start my Foundation at college in September and I have to lug ridiculous amounts across town. This fits that bill perfectly. Well perfectly up until I look at the price once you’ve included postage. Guess I’ll start the hunt again.

Ring... mustache.

I think the whole glasses and moustache thing has been seriously over used recently. I still really love it, it’s just a bit too everywhere for my liking. I do really like this ring and I think part of that is because I haven’t seen it as often on ring as I have on other things and this one has such cute glasses it’s unreal.

Anyone else found some real gems on Etsy?



June Glossybox

I have to say that I’m just not feeling this months box. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice box and the right person would probably love it, but, I don’t think it’s not for me.

As I’ve already said I’m not too keen on this months box. I’ve seen other bloggers who’ve loved theirs, but me not so much. I think half the problem I have with this box is that I loved the May box so much that anything after that was probably going to be a bit of a let down.

For me I’m not a big fan of the Glossybox ‘Serie Exculsiv Pro Beauty Brush’, mainly as it is a little scratchy and not as good as the similar brush that I already have in my make-up bag. It’ll definitely go in my bag, but it’s not going to be the one that I reach for first.

The BM Beauty ‘Summer Warmth Bronzer’ was actually quite a nice product. The main problem that I had with it was that it was  difficult to use as it came in a small pot and I found it hard to only get a little on my brush and it got very messy in the process, but I can’t imagine that I would have the same problem with the full size product.

I’m really looking forward to trying the Clean Start By Dermalogica ‘ Day / Night 3-Step mini Kit’, mainly as it comes all together with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser so I don’t have to buy them all separately and it’s by a well-known brand. I really hope that it lives up to my expectations.

With the Vichy ‘ Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick’,  although I don’t have any particularly bad ‘flaws’ on my face, I found that this made a hell of a difference around my eyes and I found that I went from looking quite tired around my eyes to looking a lot healthier. I also found that the ‘porcelain’ shade was quite a good match for me which surprised me, as normally I find it quite difficult to find foundation that is pale enough for me, I’m a lot paler than I look. I’m not sure that at the cost of £19 I’ll be rushing out to buy it, but I think that it’d be something that I’d invest in in the future.

I’ve always been up for trying new mascaras, up until quite recently I don’t think that I have ever really stuck with a brand. Now that I’ve settled on Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast, Yves Rocher France’s ‘Mini Mascara Ultra-Volume Sexy Pulp’ was always going to be facing quite a challenge. I think that it’s a very good mascara that goes on exceedingly well and is definitely a lot better than pretty much anything else that I’ve tried, but it doesn’t give me the same volume that my Soap and Glory mascara does and for that reason I think that I’ll be sticking with what I’ve already got, but at the same time I think that I’ll definitely be using the rest of the sample.

Now that I’ve got to the end of this post, I think that my views on this months box are changing a little. I think that I’ve gone from hating it and totally writing it off to thinking that actually this might be quite a good box, even if it is pushing me to try things that I probably wouldn’t be trying otherwise.

What did everyone else think of their boxes?





I Took My Feet To Oxford Street…

Only unlike Coldplay, I wasn’t trying to right my wrongs. Instead it was only a stop on the way to the University of Westminster’s open day. A stop that did mean I could take a quick trip into Topshop, (well by quick I mean forty minutes, but who’s counting). I honestly intended to just have a look and come out empty handed, but realistically the chances of that actually happening were pretty slim. But guess what I got my hands on.

I’ll give you a clue, think back a couple of months to when Topshop did a series of tee shirts done by different designers to mark ten years of sponsoring NEWGEN.

It’s only Christopher Kane’s and Holly Fulton’s tee shirts. Which were two of my favorites when they first came out and to top it all off they were on sale. I intended to get them originally but then other things came up that I needed to spent my money on and I then couldn’t afford one.

I’d been regretting not getting one of them for weeks now, and I’d honestly thought that I’d missed out and that I would never own one. And now I own two and they were half price so it was like getting two for the price of one. Bargain. In some ways I do like sales and how you can pick up things you thought you missed out on, but at the same time there’s something about them that I don’t like and I’m not sure I know what it is. When I do shop the sales though, I work on the rule that if it wasn’t something that caught my eye the first time round then I don’t get it this time, but if it was something that I did see and like then it becomes a must have.

Anyone else managed to pick something up in the sales that they’d let slip by earlier?



Ombre nails

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while now and I honestly thought that it would be really quick and simple to get it to look good. It was reasonably quick yes, but I think getting it to look really good and even on all of my nails takes some practice, some came out really well others not so.


Seeing as it’s one of my favourite colours, I went for two shades of pink that although in the photo don’t look very pink – I took the photos one my phone so the colours aren’t as good – are in reality quite pink, the bright one can only be described as Barbie pink.


I painted a couple of coats of the bright pink on first. So far so good…


I then used a kitchen sponge to sponge on the lighter pink, which is when it started to get messy. Nail polish went everywhere. I think more ended up on my hands than on my nails.


Finally I used a topcoat to try and blend the colours together, which seemed to really bring the colours out.

I think the more I look at it, the more I’m feeling that this hand isn’t really that bad. It’s not great though but it could be worse. The other hand however is a different story. It’s horrific. I think I should be banned from painting my right hand in future it’s that bad.

Anyhoo, practise makes perfect. Hopefully next time both hands will be more even.





Best of the High Street – 09/06-2012

I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while really and I don’t really know why. They provide the perfect excuse for spending hours on the internet window shopping, when my Mum asks why I’ve spent hours doing ‘nothing’, I can reply ‘I’m researching’. I don’t think she really believes me though.

TOPSHOP 09/06/12
River Island 09/06/12
I wish I could afford all of this, but unfortunately like normal I’m your everyday broke student. I think if I could buy just one thing, I’d pick the Topshop shoes. Already owning a pair of their wedges and knowing just how comfy they are, I would happily kill for them.