Today I’m wearing…

Okay so I might possibly be lying when I say that I’m wearing this today, it would be more truthful if I named the post ‘Sometime Last Week I Was Wearing…’. Today what I’m actually wearing goes more along the lines of jammies, ski socks and a dressing gown while I’m all snuggled up in bed ill, which is not a particularly attractive look.

Anyhoo, these pictures were taken at ridiculous o’clock in the morning at Needham Lakes and unlike today’s typical rainy English weather, it was actually quite nice, a little bit chilly but, on the whole quite nice.

The dress isn’t something that I’d normally go for, but one of my friends was having a massive wardrobe clearout and I got several bags of clothes this dress was one of them. I thought that is it so cute that I had it give it a go and I have to say I quite like it.

After seeing several little kids walk over these last time I went, I decided that I’d give it a go. If a six year old can run across the top, at eighteen so can I. Or not. I couldn’t even get to where I was without holding on to Kathryn between the second and first ones. Maybe this is something that in future I should be leaving to the little kids

This I was a little more successful at, at least in my head I think I was, in reality I think it might have been slighlty different, but hey I was having fun and I’m pretty sure that everybody in Needham Market was quite happy it have me play nursery rhymes on it at eight o’clock in the morning.

Dress : Primark

Bag and Cardigan : New Look

Belt : H&M

Shoes : Asda




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