What I’m wearing…

I have two things to apologise for. The first being that I haven’t posted in ages, I promise that I wasn’t deserting you, I’ve just been hideously busy with trying to meet my coursework deadlines. I’m talking starting at seven and not finishing till ten or eleven each day. The second is that today and tomorrow I’m staying in a kinda hotel thing until Monday so I’m posting on my phone, which I’ve never tried before. This means that the photos aren’t going to be amazing and that sometimes the auto correct on my phone will do funny things.

But here goes anyways.


Today I’m wearing my Topshop jeans, jumper and necklace with my Asda jeans, Primark ring and what’s left of last nights curly hair.

The shoes are definatly coming off later for the Easter egg hunt I’ve been told that I’m participating in later. I get the impression that it’ll be outside.




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