April Showers – The Essentials

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April Showers

Etsy Finds

Once again I’ve spent the time that I really should have spent catching up on my exam coursework on Etsy. Here’s some of my favourites.

distressed vintage studded levis cut offs

Even though I already have a ridiculous amount of denim shorts, I can’t quite bring myself to just ignore these. As a student the price of these is slightly scary but when I think about the fact that most of my denim shorts are from Topshop, at about £45 (it’s too early to do maths), there not really all that much more.

80's tribal necklace, statement necklace, black pendant, geometric

I love this necklace and the way that it’s not quite a black. It’s quite a big statement.

Vintage Mint Green SILK Blouse One Size Fits Most

I love this shirt so much, the way it looks so soft and slightly shiny is amazing.

Sailor's Knot Bracelet - Navy and cobalt-colored suede and raw gold chain

Not really my usual cup of tea, but I love the combination of suede and metal. I could quite easily be talked in to buying one.

Fringe and Chain Necklace - White, Grape, Cinnamon

Another statement necklace, they seem to be one of my favourite things at the moment. On this one I love the three coloured fringe and I think it’s perfect to liven up an outfit. It comes in lots of different colours too.


If I fail my exams I think I’ll know what to blame.







April Glossybox

When I woke up this morning it made my day to find that the postman had come with this months natural themed Glossybox. I was excited to find out what would be in this months box as I loved last months Harrod’s box. And it did not disappoint. In some ways I think that I actually like this one more as it contains more items that I would use on a regular basis – especially the body wash, which I think smells amazing.

Wonder what next months will have in.





Today I’m wearing…

Okay so I might possibly be lying when I say that I’m wearing this today, it would be more truthful if I named the post ‘Sometime Last Week I Was Wearing…’. Today what I’m actually wearing goes more along the lines of jammies, ski socks and a dressing gown while I’m all snuggled up in bed ill, which is not a particularly attractive look.

Anyhoo, these pictures were taken at ridiculous o’clock in the morning at Needham Lakes and unlike today’s typical rainy English weather, it was actually quite nice, a little bit chilly but, on the whole quite nice.

The dress isn’t something that I’d normally go for, but one of my friends was having a massive wardrobe clearout and I got several bags of clothes this dress was one of them. I thought that is it so cute that I had it give it a go and I have to say I quite like it.

After seeing several little kids walk over these last time I went, I decided that I’d give it a go. If a six year old can run across the top, at eighteen so can I. Or not. I couldn’t even get to where I was without holding on to Kathryn between the second and first ones. Maybe this is something that in future I should be leaving to the little kids

This I was a little more successful at, at least in my head I think I was, in reality I think it might have been slighlty different, but hey I was having fun and I’m pretty sure that everybody in Needham Market was quite happy it have me play nursery rhymes on it at eight o’clock in the morning.

Dress : Primark

Bag and Cardigan : New Look

Belt : H&M

Shoes : Asda



What I’m wearing…

I have two things to apologise for. The first being that I haven’t posted in ages, I promise that I wasn’t deserting you, I’ve just been hideously busy with trying to meet my coursework deadlines. I’m talking starting at seven and not finishing till ten or eleven each day. The second is that today and tomorrow I’m staying in a kinda hotel thing until Monday so I’m posting on my phone, which I’ve never tried before. This means that the photos aren’t going to be amazing and that sometimes the auto correct on my phone will do funny things.

But here goes anyways.


Today I’m wearing my Topshop jeans, jumper and necklace with my Asda jeans, Primark ring and what’s left of last nights curly hair.

The shoes are definatly coming off later for the Easter egg hunt I’ve been told that I’m participating in later. I get the impression that it’ll be outside.