Etsy Finds

purple leather wrap bracelet, silver beads, boho bracelet, double wrap bracelet

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now, maybe not in purple but I think the colours growing on me. What I like about this bracelet and the one below, is the combination of textures, I think it gives them a certain uniqueness.

black wrap bracelet, black leather & suede, silver chain, grey silk ribbon, boho bracelet, triple wrap bracelet

Leather back pack rucksack convertible back pack handmade rustic made by Aixa Sobin Leathers Luscious Leather NYC on esty

At almost $500 plus shipping to England, I know that there’s no way I can afford this, maybe before I brought my laptop but not now. It looks so happy and friendly, even if it does have two noses and mouths, but who doesn’t love a friendly monster.

Southwest Porcupine Quill Lime and Grey Necklace

This isn’t really my normal style but there’s something about it that’s drawing me in, I think it’s the colour. Lime is one of those colours that I wouldn’t consider to be my favourite but that still seems to be able to make me smile.




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