Best of the High Street 23/03/12

Topshop 21/03/12

Knitted Fluro Mesh Sweat, $80

Topshop, $50

River Island 21/03/12

Miss Selfridge


Etsy Finds

purple leather wrap bracelet, silver beads, boho bracelet, double wrap bracelet

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now, maybe not in purple but I think the colours growing on me. What I like about this bracelet and the one below, is the combination of textures, I think it gives them a certain uniqueness.

black wrap bracelet, black leather & suede, silver chain, grey silk ribbon, boho bracelet, triple wrap bracelet

Leather back pack rucksack convertible back pack handmade rustic made by Aixa Sobin Leathers Luscious Leather NYC on esty

At almost $500 plus shipping to England, I know that there’s no way I can afford this, maybe before I brought my laptop but not now. It looks so happy and friendly, even if it does have two noses and mouths, but who doesn’t love a friendly monster.

Southwest Porcupine Quill Lime and Grey Necklace

This isn’t really my normal style but there’s something about it that’s drawing me in, I think it’s the colour. Lime is one of those colours that I wouldn’t consider to be my favourite but that still seems to be able to make me smile.



Scarf Prints At River Island

At the beginning of the year I absolutely hated the scarf print trend. Now I think River Island may have changed my mind. Not totally though, I still don’t think I like it head to toe or on trousers but it’s definitely growing on me.

Whoever thought of combining a scarf print with spots is an absolute genius. I honestly love this, to the point that I might have to buy it.

This one I like mainly because it seems quite wearable as the colours aren’t as in your face as in the one above.

Last time I went out with my friends I just about killed my last reasonably good bag, so I think it’s about time that I got new one and this clutch might be it. I think the colours in it are absolutely beautiful. I want it so bad.

This one I’m not sure about, I really like the print on it but, I don’t think I like the colour of it. However, every time I go and look back at it, it grows on me.





I was so happy when I came back from getting some of my birthday present with my Gran to find that my Glossybox had finally come. Admittedly it’s been less than a week since I brought it, but I’m an inpatient person. The box it comes in the post in is so pretty, I really wish I could show you a picture, but someone threw it out before I could find my camera. 

The inside of the box is amazing. There’s something about the bow that really just completes its.

I have to say I’m impressed. I can’t wait to try the Versace perfume, just had a bit of  a smell and I think it smells amazing.



Went in to Try Shoes On, Came Out With Half the Shop

So I cracked and got the shoes from Topshop. The only problem being that it didn’t stop at the shoes, a new jumper, a set of four rings and three pairs of socks also made their way into my bag and when the shoes on their own were still over £60 with student discount the amount it cost was just a little scary.

It’s amazing what a difference trying on the shoes made to the difficulty of my decision. The red River Island ones fitted quite well, to the point where I thought that they were the ones I would want. The ones I got though fit like a glove and there was no way that I was leaving without them. It wasn’t an I want them as it was with the others, it was an I need them.

I’m going to start off by saying that this jumper looks a lot better on than it does on the hanger, it’s just really difficult to take pictures of yourself without a tripod. I’ve spent ages waiting for Topshop to have this in a size 6 petite, although I’m not short I have a ridiculously short body and regular size tops are way to long for me. I kinda wish that they did it in other colours too, I hate shopping in the petite section you often only get things in one colour when if you we’re in the regular section you’d have four.

I will admit that I did need socks, I think I may have two pairs that don’t have holes in them, but I’m not convinced that I need them from here. Originally I was only going to get the two on the left before I realised that it was three for £8 and that buying the extra pair was only going to cost me a pound. I was saving money right?

These I think are just amazing. The tail on the cat and the legs on the frog move, what more could you want? And to top it all off the hedgehog is so cute. I will admit though that the monkey does freak me out a little.

And this is a perfect reason why you shouldn’t give me money – I just can’t help myself.



March Wish List

I really can’t decide if I want the red River Island ones or the Topshop ones. In a perfect world I’d get both but in reality I can’t afford both. I’m thinking the red ones, because I’ve wanted some like this for ages but, they would only really go with a couple of things. Whereas the Topshop ones would go with more, but, I don’t know if I like them as much. I’m really not sure. Any help?

Admittedly I’ve only recently tried nail wraps, but I have totally fallen in love with them. They’re so much quicker than painting nails and letting them dry and some of the designs are amazing. My current ones that I brought in ASDA a couple of weeks ago are looking like this…

I think it’s time I took it all off and redid it. I did really love this one though.

Gold Studded White Levis Shorts

Personally I don’t think that there’s ever such thing as too many denim shorts and these are just so beautiful. I want them so much.

I’ve wanted a paper bag waist for months, but, have never really found something that was quite right. I think Urban Outfitters might have just cracked it, the colour is amazing.

Love You Hunny Pot

One of my best friends brought me a Chamilia bracelet with a couple of beads for my birthday and while having a look online at what else I could get for it I came across this bead. Straight away it was like going back about ten years to when I would happily sit there and watch Winnie the Pooh all day if I could, though if I’m being honest I still would. The Eeyore one’s adorable too, even if it’s hideously expensive. I think I might ask my Gran to get me the top one when we go out to get my birthday present next week.

Eeyore With 14K Gold Bow