What’s on my bedside table?

Having already done the ‘What’s In My Bag‘ post a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a ‘What’s On My Desk’ post right up until the point when I remembered that I hadn’t had a desk since before Christmas, when I got a huge chest of drawers to put in its place as my wardrobe was no longer big enough. Cue face palm. So instead here’s the contents of my bedside table.

As you can see it’s become a bit of a dumping ground. Anyhoo, here we go…

1. Most of my fashion related books live on here together with several issues of ELLE Collections and the latest issue of ELLE and Vogue normally live on here too. My favourites on there being Vogue Covers and Manolo’s New Shoes.

2. The Beanie toy named Romeo and Juliet that one of my friends got my for Christmas a few years ago as a joint present for me and my then boyfriend, which I think is amazingly cute.

3. The heart-shaped post-its that a couple of the people who I supported on  Using the Bus course a while back gave me. They make me feel so appreciated and loved.

4. The nail colours that I used to paint my nails this week which are now in desperate need of a re-paint.

5. Pot of pens and pencils.

6. Glasses and moustache necklace from Topshop that seems to make people smile when I wear.

7. Glass of water. Normally in its place is a cup of black coffee.

8. The Soap and Glory mascara that I got free with this months ELLE. I honestly thought that I’d hate this but, it turns out that it’s so much better than what I normally buy.

9. Keyring that I brought at the Arc de Triomphe when I went on my art trip to Paris last week, that I keep meaning to put on my car key but haven’t got round to yet.

So there you have it, another glimpse into the world of Sian. I’m really intrigued as to what’s on everyone else’s bedside table.




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