Etsy Finds

Once again instead of starting on the huge pile of coursework that’s due in on Monday, I found myself on Etsy adding more things to the mental wishlist that I have – most of which won’t end up in my possession. Sometimes I can’t wait until I’ve finished my A-Levels and gone to uni so I can get a proper job and actually afford stuff.

Navy Cream Patent Leather Backpack FREE UK SHIPPING

I absolutely love this. Not sure if I can really justify the £195 that this costs though, but I might be persuaded to get it after my 18th in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’m going to get some money from my family.

vintage 80s black metallic SLOUCH SIMPLE SWEATER womens m/l

I seem to live in oversize jumpers, I’m not exactly short but my body is tiny so I can generally get away with wearing them as dresses, making them perfect for days when I’m running late (most days) and don’t have enough time to decide on what to wear.

Handmade Silver Wrap Bracelet Watch with a Burgundy real leather band with a lovely classic pattern WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

This is possibly the most practical thing on my wishlist as I don’t actually own a watch after I lost my old one. I absolutely love the red on it and the fact that it’s not you’re everyday boring watch.

Somehow I don’t think my bank balance is going to liking me




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