What I’m wearing…

So this afternoon I spent the afternoon with Kathryn taking photos for our textiles homework that recorded our visit. We chose to take a trip down the road to Felixstowe and go to the so called beach. In my head though, I’ve always thought that a beach needed enough sand to build a sandcastle. But hey, I had a good time.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of the best photos with you. 

While standing on the ground, standing on one leg on the concrete block seemed like a good idea, it didn’t seem that high. Standing up there though, with the wind blowing quite a bit and looking down to the ground, it was terrifying. It honestly felt like I was going to faceplant the ground. After about three pictures I refused to actually stand on it.

This last one Kathryn took when I thought she was just taking pictures of the beach huts. I didn’t even know about it until we got back to mine and she declared it her favourite.

I just wish it’d been a few degrees warmer and  touch less windy but I guess I’m going to have to accept that this English weather I’m talking about.



Best of the High Street – 24/02/2012

Miss Selfridge 24/02/12
Topshop 24/02/12
Topshop, $72
River Island - 24/02/1012

What’s on my bedside table?

Having already done the ‘What’s In My Bag‘ post a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a ‘What’s On My Desk’ post right up until the point when I remembered that I hadn’t had a desk since before Christmas, when I got a huge chest of drawers to put in its place as my wardrobe was no longer big enough. Cue face palm. So instead here’s the contents of my bedside table.

As you can see it’s become a bit of a dumping ground. Anyhoo, here we go…

1. Most of my fashion related books live on here together with several issues of ELLE Collections and the latest issue of ELLE and Vogue normally live on here too. My favourites on there being Vogue Covers and Manolo’s New Shoes.

2. The Beanie toy named Romeo and Juliet that one of my friends got my for Christmas a few years ago as a joint present for me and my then boyfriend, which I think is amazingly cute.

3. The heart-shaped post-its that a couple of the people who I supported on  Using the Bus course a while back gave me. They make me feel so appreciated and loved.

4. The nail colours that I used to paint my nails this week which are now in desperate need of a re-paint.

5. Pot of pens and pencils.

6. Glasses and moustache necklace from Topshop that seems to make people smile when I wear.

7. Glass of water. Normally in its place is a cup of black coffee.

8. The Soap and Glory mascara that I got free with this months ELLE. I honestly thought that I’d hate this but, it turns out that it’s so much better than what I normally buy.

9. Keyring that I brought at the Arc de Triomphe when I went on my art trip to Paris last week, that I keep meaning to put on my car key but haven’t got round to yet.

So there you have it, another glimpse into the world of Sian. I’m really intrigued as to what’s on everyone else’s bedside table.



February Wish List

I might not actually have much money at the moment but I can still dream, can’t I?

As much as I love my current bag it really is starting to look slightly worse for wear to the point where somewhere in the lining there’s a hole that all my pens keep disappearing into. I would really love to have a brighter colour for my next bag with my bright pink coat that I wear to Sixth Form at the moment, black seems to be one of the only colours that doesn’t look hideous with it.

This may possibly be another case of me just wanting really expensive things that I don’t need, but who doesn’t love Karl Largerfeld? And on a T-shirt? Even better.

Next on the list is the three or four extra nail colours that I need to complete this tutorial from thebeautydepartment.com that I’ve had my eyes on for the last few days. What can I say I really like colour.

I’ve been wanting a pair of bright skinny jeans for months now and I think that that may be enough of a reason to go out and buy them.

I think that I might be developing a new found love for American Apparel. I’ve never really considered buying anything from them before today when I found this jumper and bag on there.

MINERVA Necklace with Onyx Stones Set on Triangle Brass Pendants and Silver Chain

Words do not describe how much I love this necklace that I found on Etsy. At $78 it’s a little bit expensive for my budget but I love this piece more than I probably should. Whoever ends up with it is one lucky person.


Etsy Finds

Once again instead of starting on the huge pile of coursework that’s due in on Monday, I found myself on Etsy adding more things to the mental wishlist that I have – most of which won’t end up in my possession. Sometimes I can’t wait until I’ve finished my A-Levels and gone to uni so I can get a proper job and actually afford stuff.

Navy Cream Patent Leather Backpack FREE UK SHIPPING

I absolutely love this. Not sure if I can really justify the £195 that this costs though, but I might be persuaded to get it after my 18th in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’m going to get some money from my family.

vintage 80s black metallic SLOUCH SIMPLE SWEATER womens m/l

I seem to live in oversize jumpers, I’m not exactly short but my body is tiny so I can generally get away with wearing them as dresses, making them perfect for days when I’m running late (most days) and don’t have enough time to decide on what to wear.

Handmade Silver Wrap Bracelet Watch with a Burgundy real leather band with a lovely classic pattern WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

This is possibly the most practical thing on my wishlist as I don’t actually own a watch after I lost my old one. I absolutely love the red on it and the fact that it’s not you’re everyday boring watch.

Somehow I don’t think my bank balance is going to liking me



Topshop Boutique

So recently I had the latest email from Topshop informing me that their S/S 12 Boutique collection was in. I was actually really impressed though it might have helped that Topshop   are already in my good books.

Topshop Boutique

Pleated dress, £70
Silk dress, £90
Organza dress, £90
Modal t shirt, £28
Poplin Shirtdress By Boutique, £65
Silk shorts, £40

One of the main things that I loved was the colours and the fact that it wasn’t filled with candy floss shades. As much as I like how they look they just don’t work on me. I also liked the simple casual shapes that I could actually see working with some of my wardrobe as well as opposed to having to buy an entire new outfit to go with them.