What’s In My Bag

Although the bag that I use changes regularly, what’s actually in it often stays the same as I will literally just tip the contents of it into my new bag. My current bag of choice is this one that I got from New Look in the summer. Even though it’s starting to look slightly worse for wear, it’s the one I keep going back to and if I’m being honest I like that it doesn’t look perfect any more – to me it makes it feel more loved.

As for what’s inside, I managed to surprise myself. I was expecting a ridiculous amount of rubbish, old bus tickets and the like, but I only found two bus tickets both from last week.

Inside I have a Norwich City Centre and a Tube map both of which must have been in there for a good few months, my inhaler, car keys, purse and sunglasses. The 2012 diary that was this years attempt at being more organised. My make up bag and the amazing lip butter that my friend got from The Body Shop for Christmas that works wonders. A very late Christmas present for my friend, my HTC Wildfire and my iPod that hasn’t had headphones for over a year. I always have a couple of black Bics as I can’t stand writing in anything else and the Pritt Stick that’s become essential for my A Level courses. And last but not least I have an emergency rain poncho that I brought in Waterstones for a couple of pounds last month which seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I’m not so sure about it but it still makes me smile so it’ll probably stay in their for a while longer.


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